Skinceuticals Firming Lotion

Skinceuticals Skin Firming Lotion Reviews and Consumer Product Report

The Skinceuticals Brand has been very popular in recent years.  The product line is fairly extensive and the formulas considered smart.  This is NOT a true neck cream, instead rather it is a Skin Firming Lotion.  Many readers substitute this product as a neck cream, however depending on your goals, you might want to consider a more acute neck cream solution.  In our opinion the Skinceuticals Skin Firming Lotion functions more like a protective moisturizer that happens to offer some potential firming benefits.  When used for those reasons, we believe that our readers will enjoy it, if you are looking for more significant change, we recommend you continue your search.

Bottom Line:  We feel there are superior neck creams on the market.  Go take a look at the TOP RATED neck cream in this category.

Reduce Sagging Skin – This is the reason that most people are looking for a neck cream.  They have or appear to have excess skin that has begun to sag and wrinkle.  It adds years to the appearance and is very tough to reverse.  Skinceuticals Skin Firming Lotion uses a combination of botanicals to help improve the ‘feeling of skin elasticity’ and to help ‘fight transepidermal water loss.’  While both of those benefits would be nice in a daily lotion, it is not necessarily the strength of formula that is going to tighten significant sagging.  It will affect the texture and crepe nature of the skin and provide an overall firming instead.  So before you proceed, consider the extent of results you desire.

Horizontal Neck Lines – Horizontal neck lines always seem to stand out.  As a result of creasing or folding of the skin, these wrinkles develop and can be very deep and hard to treat.  Your neck cream needs to contain proven ingredients such as Matrixyl or other copper peptides.  Skinceuticals contains the following 3 Key Ingredients (we obtained from their website).  1. Centella asiatica: a botanical extract that helps improve the ‘feeling of skin elasticity’. 2.  Ectoin: an ingredient known for its characteristic to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Ectoin will protect the skin from environmental damage.  3.  BMX Complex: A Combination of Barley and Tomato extracts, this ingredient prevents ‘transepidermal water loss’.

As you can see, there are no true wrinkle fighters in this list of key ingredients.  While fine lines and texture concerns are addressed, the formula may lack the power you desire.

Moisturize and Lift – Moisturizing is one area that this Skinceuticals Skin Firming Lotion excels. The ingredients moisturize, seal and protect the skin against environmental damage. By working to keep your skin’s moisture and minimizing the damages your skin is better able to heal itself and improve the elasticity and youthful appearance.  While this may be the least important of the 3 characteristics we look at in your opinion, it is an essential step and Skinceuticals delivers.

Additional Information and Shopping Tips

It should come as no surprise that we recommend comparison shopping when it comes to anti aging products.  Between the price, the competition and the claims it can be overwhelming.  The main thing that you want to consider, however, is getting the most effective product that you can at a price that you can afford.

So first things first, you are not going to find a product that works overnight or instantly.  You can get an instant ‘effect’, but those improvements will fade in a few hours and the money you spend seldom gets you any long term value.  Secondly, it doesn’t make any sense to spend money on a product that will not work for what you are looking for.  For example, if you have sagging neck skin that you need tightened, you need more than a glorified moisturizer with some ancillary elasticity benefits.  You need a serious neck cream.  Check out the comparison chart and read the reports published on our website to gather more information before you buy.