Perricone MD Sub-D Neck Cream

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub D Reviews and Consumer Product Report

The Perricone MD product line is extensive and well recognized by consumers.  That is the impact that television advertising campaigns can have for a brand.  Although they are less visible on TV now than they were a handful of years ago, the brand has earned a host of loyal users who enjoy the Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub D product.  As one of the more visible brands in the neck cream industry, we wanted to take a closer look at the product and see what we could learn and share for our readers.

The Perricone MD website was easy to use and informative.  While it doesn’t share the entire formula with consumers prior to purchase, they provide a handful of key ingredients to help you understand how the product works in the key areas you are concerned with.

Bottom Line:  We feel there are superior neck creams on the market.  Go take a look at the TOP RATED neck cream in this category.

Reduce Sagging Skin – This is the big one, the reason why most consumers are looking for a neck cream.  If you take the time to examine the ingredients you have a better time understanding what results the product has the potential to deliver.  While much of the formula is considered proprietary and not published, we can see some of the key ingredients they include.  As it pertains to sagging skin, there are two ingredients utilized.  Primarily, the product relies upon DMAE for its characteristics firming and toning, providing a more youthful appearance.  Alpha Lipoic Acid is also contained and will address the crepe or textural skin issues that can occur, but the DMAE is responsible for the heavy lifting so to speak.  (You can easily search DMAE to learn more.) In our opinion, there are some concerns and benefits that come along with DMAE, and we urge you to consider them carefully.

Horizontal Neck Lines – These deep crease-like wrinkles seemingly appear overnight leaving us looking years older than we actually are.  Whats worse, is that because of their depth and the natural folding of the skin, removing them is rather involved.  If you are looking to avoid surgery, finding a neck cream that contains proven ingredients in this regard is essential.  Perricone MD Sub D does not show full ingredient lists, but does publish the use of Acyl-Glutathione on their website.  This ingredient designed to minimize lines and wrinkles in the neck and improve your skin’s natural vitality.  Based upon those claims, the product seems to contain the ingredients you need to minimize (not remove) the horizontal neck lines making you look older than you actually are.

Moisturize and Lift – While we are confident that this product contains moisturizers and helps seal that moisture into the skin, we do not have access to the ingredient list and therefore are unable to confirm that for you.  So unfortunately, we cannot accurately pass any informant along to you regarding the moisturizing and lifting portion of the products performance.  But again, we feel confident that Perricone MD uses some in this neck cream.

Additional Information and Shopping Tips

Often times consumers tend to purchase products that have heard of or seen on TV.  We consider Celebrity Endorsements a negative thing.  Its obvious that the celebrities are paid endorsers, and therefore their opinion is not honest or reflective of how they truly feel.  They are acting!  If you consider that only a component of a marketing plan and give the product zero extra credibility it is fine, but when you start believing the celebrities, you might get left feeling ripped off.

Perricone MD is a quality product with what seems to be a quality formula.  While there are thousands of pleased customers, rest assured there are also plenty who were left feeling disappointed after using Sub D.  No one product is best for everyone.  Take the time to establish what it is that YOU need and want from a neck cream, and then purchase on that suits your needs as well as budget.