How to make Dark Nail Polish work in Summer

If you do select to swipe on a moody colour this summer, there are several ways to make sure your manicure looks stunning, not gloomy. When choosing the dark nail polish in the summertime, select a wealthy, opaque crme and layer a high shine top coat on top. More light reflection will probably keep your manicure looking nice and clean, not dreary. Play off the seriousness of the polish color with a nail contour that’s shorter and rounder. If you wish to help in keeping your length, choose an almond shape nail to equilibrium out the dark hue. The deeper and richer the colour, the more Neutral it’ll read thus the more it’ll complement the skin and the season.

So save the muddier, more muted colours for autumn and winter, and look for those deep aubergines, rich raspberry, super saturated navys, dark grays, extreme greens, and jet blacks for summer. At any time you put on a dark nail, consider what else you will be wearing, and address your manicure like every other accessory. Could you be able to put on a dark shoe, purse, or necklace with the outfit? Then you will totally be able to pull a dark nail-so long as you keep it in equilibrium. Keep your look from veering towards the land by pairing dark with light: wear your rich burgundy manicure with a pale pink dress, or your jet black nails with white jeans. Layering on the metal rings or bright woven bracelets is another wonderful way to take the edge off a dark mani.