Editor’s Choice for Best Eye Gel 2018 – Dermagist

This is an Absolutely Superior Eye Gel, when it comes to 3 Primary Factors.

  1. Drastically Reducing Under Eye Bags and Puffiness
  2. Seriously Helping Dark Circles or Rings around the Eyes
  3. Smoothing and Erasing both Fine and Deeply Entrenched Wrinkles.

How does the Dermagist Eye Gel complete the 3  Elusive tasks above?  

It’s science, pure and simple.  The ingredients do the talking for this eye gel that is literally sweeping the nation.   We break down each of the 3 primary factors people DEMAND in a good eye gel, and explain how the ingredients in the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel WORK to Satisfy them.

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Reducing Under Eye Bags:

The Cadillac of all ingredients in the world, when it comes to “draining” Puffy Under Eye Bags is an ingredient called Eyeliss®.   Eyeliss® is a peptide that penetrates deep into the skin under the eye, and begins to break down the fatty globules that often accumulate there.   Then, within a matter of days, the ingredient allows the Body’s natural flushing process to eliminate the globules.   We know, it sounds crazy. However, Eyeliss® has CLINICAL proof that it actually works.  You can see the Clinical Study here. 

Fading Dark Circles and Rings:

Another ingredient in the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel that is Critical to success is Haloxyl®.  Despite the mile-high cost of this ingredient, Dermagist includes it at the Optimal concentration, according to the clinical studies proving that it works.   How it works is this..  First, we need to understand exactly why dark circles form, and what they consist of.  A dark circle is really nothing more than leaked blood particles that have seeped out from weak capillary walls that accumulate in the areas around the eye.  SO, Haloxyl® does 2 fantastic things.   First, it breaks up the loose particles so that they can be flushed away by the body naturally, thus dramatically fading the dark circles fast.  THEN, in order to help ensure that the darkness doesn’t come back in the future, it strengthens the capillary walls, so that less blood particles will leak out in the future.   It’s a truly magical ingredient when it comes to reducing or even eliminating dark circles entirely.

Reducing Deep Wrinkles and Fine Lines:

There are two ground breaking ingredients in the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel that wipe wrinkles from your face.  The first is the famous copper peptide, Matrixyl®. Clinically Proven, this wondrous ingredient works at the DNA level to trick your skin into producing Collagen and Elastin again, like it did when you were young.  When Collagen and Elastin stop being produced (this happens as we age), the skin loses its plumpness, elasticity, and firmness.    Thus, wrinkles start to rear their ugly head.   With Matrixyl®, however, we can turn back the clock and get our skin to actually HEAL the wrinkles it is currently suffering from.

The OTHER ingredient in this Eye Gel is Plant Based Stem Cells – These amazing cells are harvested from Apples found in Switzerland.  They essentially act like a turbo boost to the effectiveness of the peptide ingredients.  Adopting the properties of your skin cells, these cells aid in the production of collagen and elastin and thicken the dermal matrix.  The Result is some seriously effective support for Aging Eyes.

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As if the ingredients outlined above were not Enough…

There is more to this Formula.    Simply combining all the ingredients into a gel is not enough.   The ingredients have to be in Exact proportion to each other, in order to get a Synergistic effect.   This means that each of the ingredients actually work BETTER when combined with the others, in the perfect amount. The scientists at Dermagist have cracked the code in this regard, and have put together a Formula so powerful and effective, that it won our Editor’s Choice for Top Eye Cream on the Market.