So Just Who are we and what are we about?

We are a resource for articles and news regarding Health, Beauty, Lifestyles and more.  We employ authors who are all enthusiastic and passionate about these topics.

We are experts in the science of products in the vertical markets of skin care, beauty and other health products.  We are not doctors or medical practitioners of any kind.   Basically, we are like the “ultimate consumer group” who has tried tons of products and has done lots of research on topics revolving around beauty and health and lifestyle.  We try to share that information with our readers by way of interesting articles and how-to posts, as well as recommendations of various products we have encountered, that we really liked.

We sometimes recommend products, based on factors like value, the benefits they provide, OR strong feedback and reviews we have found online from actual users.  Most times, we are recommending or warning customers about a product based on our own opinions.   In some occasional areas,  we might recommend a product in order to gain an advertiser or to generate revenue for our business.  Be SURE, to realize that we ONLY recommend products that we Truly, Truly believe in, and have seen evidence that Customers are very happy.

We do have advertising on the site, which is how (mainly) we survive.   So please support our sponsors.  We do not charge anything to our readers in order to access our content, so its vital that we have a way to pay the bills for things like website bills and online advertising.

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